Just a quick sketch of how I’ve been feeling lately. If you’re fighting, friend, you’re not alone. Find someone to talk to. Find someone to make you fight when you feel you can’t go on. The darkness closes in, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. You just need to find someone to show it to you.

Broken, haunted, tortured,
And I don’t know where to turn;
Wasted, tired, ruined,
But I never seem to learn.

I keep making all the same mistakes
And falling into black,
Landing in the ruts that are
Too eager to take me back.

I learn nothing from my errors,
And I make them all again:
A constant circle pattern
Taking over all I am.

But still the Master calls me,
And He tells me I’m His own.
I am loved, though I’ve messed up,
And I still have a home.

So I’m pressing ever onward
And fighting hard to stay alive.
Every day’s a struggle,
But I’m learning to survive.

I have armor for my battle
And a peace to guide me through.
I do not fight alone,
And my Rock is always true.


About e2house

Biblical Counseling major at BJU. Caffeine addict. Saved by grace. Lover of Jesus Christ and all things beautiful.
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