Hold On a Little Longer

I wrote this one mostly for me. Hope you enjoy.

O weary soul, O troubled one,
Why are you so cast down?
Why so brokenhearted?
Why do you wear a frown?
The cares of life weigh heavy,
And they’ve burdened down your smile;
You can’t seem to see the end
Of your painful, lightless trial.

O soul broken and defeated,
O child walking through the fire,
I know your heart is hurting,
And I know your spirit’s tired.
Hold on a little longer
And remember what you know
The One Who made and holds the stars
Will never let you go.

O Christian in the shadows,
O friend tempted to lose heart,
Remember Who’s beside you
He’s been there from the start.
He may let you stumble,
But He’ll never let you down;
He may lead you through the ocean,
But He’ll never let you drown.

O friend trying hard to see the good
And fighting to do right,
Someday it will get better,
But for now, just hold on tight.
Rest safe in the knowledge
That you are loved and not alone
Although you cannot see Him now,
He’s never, ever gone.

The pain won’t last forever;
Soon light will flood on through,
And you will see that all along,
He’s been there next to you.
So hold on a little longer;
Know He holds you in His arms;
His plans are still for good,
And He will keep you safe from harm.


About e2house

Biblical Counseling major at BJU. Caffeine addict. Saved by grace. Lover of Jesus Christ and all things beautiful.
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