Man of Sorrows

“Now my debt is paid, it is paid in full
By the precious blood that my Jesus spilled!
Now the curse of sin has no hold on me
Whom the Son sets free, oh, is free indeed!”

I’m not going to lie. This week, I’ve felt so defeated. It seems like I’m stuck in a rut that I just can’t get out of, and I can’t remember the last time I felt so utterly beaten.

And then…

And then I went to church, and I heard this song, and I cried. Why? Because I’d forgotten. In a Christian college, surrounded by Christians, I forgot what it means to be a Christian. I’ve felt so defeated because I’ve been looking to me to fix my problems, and I can’t. I’m utterly and completely incapable of helping myself. But the curse of sin has no hold on me anymore, because Someone stronger than me has set me free.

How could I have ever forgotten?

My friends, wherever you are, never let yourselves forget Who set you free. You have victory, because He won it for you. Never forget that.


About e2house

Biblical Counseling major at BJU. Caffeine addict. Saved by grace. Lover of Jesus Christ and all things beautiful.
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1 Response to Man of Sorrows

  1. Thank you for this great reminder. We were bought with a price. Set free…Whom the Son set free is FREE INDEED! Continue to be blessed and a blessing.

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