Come As You Are

I was back in my college group at Heritage tonight, and it was like coming home. I felt like I really met God there. I’ve been going through a really rough time spiritually this summer, and being back at Heritage was a huge breath of fresh air for me. We sang a few of my favorite songs. I’m not ashamed to say that I cried. Something that was said really resonated with me, even though I’ve known it my whole life: “You can come as you are to the cross.” So, as I typically do, I wrote a poem about it. I’ve written something similar before (As You Are); but while that sprung from a lyrical-sounding phrase, this one came from a place of brokenness in my own heart. “As You Are” is more from an outside perspective, while “Come As You Are” is what I needed to hear tonight.

Come with your weakness,
Come as you are
Into the light of His grace.
Come with your brokenness,
Your sin and your shame –
Come and meet Him face-to-face.

He’s ready to save you;
He’s waiting for you
To come and meet Him in this place.
He wants to know you,
To share in your pain,
To shower you with His grace.

There’s nothing you can do,
Nothing you are,
That can earn His forgiveness and love.
You’re broken and dirty;
Your goodness is rags –
You don’t deserve grace from above.

It’s all about Him;
It’s only Who He is
That allows you to boldly come.
His love and mercy,
His sacrifice
Allows you to call His house home.

He loves you, He loves you,
In spite of yourself;
He invites you to call this place home,
So come as you are,
With your guilt and your rags –
Lay it all at His feet and come.

About e2house

Biblical Counseling major at BJU. Caffeine addict. Saved by grace. Lover of Jesus Christ and all things beautiful.
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