Make It Count

Recently I heard, for the first time, the story of Clayton McDonald, and it moved me to tears.

Clayton McDonald was an eighteen-year-old guy who’d been diagnosed with leukemia four times. The doctors told him the last time that there was nothing they could do for him, and so he chose to not even go through any treatments and to simply allow God to take him when He saw fit. But he didn’t just sit around and wait to die. No. He was actively involved in his church. He traveled around the country and spoke at different youth events. He firmly believed that his purpose was to bring as many people as he could to Jesus Christ and to glorify God with the time that he had. He had a passion for teens and a desire to see them step out and do hard things for Christ. More than anything, he wanted his life to make a difference for God’s glory. And you know what? It did. He died in March 2009, but his life is still impacting others. People are still hearing his story and being motivated to do something about it. He may be gone, but his life is still making an impact for the glory of God. (If you want the full story…

What about me? Did I learn something from Clayton’s story? Did his life make any difference in mine? The answer is yes. I was greatly affected by Clayton’s life. He taught me an important truth: you only get one life. You only have a set amount of time. You can’t buy more time, and eventually, your clock runs out. You only have one opportunity to make a difference for Jesus Christ. Make it count.


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Biblical Counseling major at BJU. Caffeine addict. Saved by grace. Lover of Jesus Christ and all things beautiful.
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