I love the storms, the rain that pours
Down from the sky in sheets.
I love the rain, as it once again
Washes clean all that it meets.

I love the clouds, the wind that howls
As the thunder rolls along;
The lightning that flashes as the storm passes,
Singing its own kind of song.

Though I love the rain, I hate the pain
Of the spiritual storms He sends –
The trials of sin and the storms within
That never seem to end.

I think sometimes I almost despise
The One Who sends the rain here.
I hate the clouds that God allows,
And I look on in anger and fear.

Sometimes I forget that the God Who let
The stormclouds roll into sight
Is the very same One Who sent His Son
To give me life and light.

I forget the reason for the rainy season
Is often to make me strong.
When I’m feeling the ache of all that He takes,
I forget that He comes along.

He too weathers the storm; He won’t leave me alone,
And His peace descends like a dove.
All that He takes is always replaced
With His mercy, His grace, and His love.

He takes away all that remains
That doesn’t mirror Him.
Though the storm rages on, He’s there to calm,
And I feel His presence within.

As the storm passes, the lightning flashes
One final time through the rain.
The storm always shows that the pain always goes,
But the beauty it brings remains.


About e2house

Biblical Counseling major at BJU. Caffeine addict. Saved by grace. Lover of Jesus Christ and all things beautiful.
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